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As Project Manager at, her role entails the representation of the Federation in European projects that aim to design enabling frameworks for energy communities in different EU Member States, gain better understanding of different storage solutions and explore how citizens and energy communities can take up a more active role in the energy system. Stavroula is involved in screening policy framework conditions and making policy recommendations, researching cases of energy communities that provide storage solutions, facilitating exchange with relevant actors in the energy system including TSO’s and DSO’s and supporting the overall communication and dissemination of the project results. She is also actively contributing to the Advocacy work of the Federation.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.


Stavroula Pappa

EU Qualified Energy Lawyer and Project Manager at




Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen, are founding members of the Energy Cooperative Elektropionir, Belgrade and pioneers of small-scale rooftop solar in Serbia. They are active in a number of organisations and cooperatives dealing with contemporary housing conditions. For over 20 years they are running STEALTH.unlimited, an internationally recognised architectural/artistic practice. 


Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen

Founding members of the Energy Cooperative Elektropionir, Belgrade


Vedad Suljić

Director of REIC

Vedad Suljić graduated from Sarajevo's School of Economics and Business and then pursued a Specialist degree in "Environmental Municipal Infrastructure" at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to sharpen his understanding of energy and environmental concerns. He holds a Master of Environmental Economics from the University of Ljubljana and a Master of Environmental Economics from Sarajevo. He has worked in environmental protection, energy, and climate change for more than 13 years. Previously, he served as an expert on several projects involving the development of various strategic and action plans, feasibility studies, and similar documents. Throughout his career, he has worked with national and international development organizations and a variety of IFIs, including the EBRD, the World Bank, and the EIB. He has been the director of REIC since 2013.


Miodrag Vujovic 2.png

Miodrag Vujovic

General Secretary, KOD

My name is Miodrag Vujovic, I work in private sector and as well I am covering the position of the General Secretary in the Organization KOD. The field of my professional interests is tourism and financial consulting as well consultancy regarding the sustainable development.

I am author of the science study referring to the tourism and some of their sustainable perspective in Montenegro.

From 2017 with the group of other individuals I am establishing Organization KOD that for the very short period of time has become one of the most influential and most media prominent civic organization in Montenegro. The members of organization KOD are civic activist, professors and experts in various fields and ex officials. We intrigued the wider publicity in Montenegro with innovative and attractive way of re- actualization of human right cases.

We have managed to work on the human rights issues in a completely different way by video production that is creating short and popular video form.

The main moto of Organization KOD is (re)action to reality

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